​Update on Bulloch Hall Grounds

Orchard Hill

The North Fulton Master Gardeners and the Crossroads North School are restoring the area known as Orchard Hill and extending and improving the Nature Trail. Orchard Hill will be a water conservation demonstration area with a natural amphitheater.

Friends of Bulloch, Inc. begin preliminary meetings with contractors in March to obtain quotes for the beautiful entrance to Orchard Hill. See photo above.

Construction of the timber frame blacksmith shop will resume in March 2021. This building is slated to house our golf cart and event supplies as well as double as additional space for events.

Completed Restoration:

Service Yard


Two dogtrot slave cabins and a carriage house surrounded the 1839 service yard. One reconstructed cabin houses a display on slavery in the Piedmont and an exhibit of slave life. The second reconstructed slave cabin houses the administrative offices and the terrace level meeting room for guilds and organizations.