The Military Room

In the upstairs portion of the house, a room has been dedicated to displaying how the Bulloch family was affected by the Civil War. The Civil War Exhibit describes the exploits of James Dunwoody Bulloch (known as the “James Bond of the Confederacy”) and his brother, Irvine Stephens Bulloch, and their contributions to the Confederate effort during the Civil War. Highlights of the exhibit include the medical kit of a Union doctor and a model of the famous Confederate raider, the CSS Alabama.

This exhibit may be seen during regularly scheduled tours.

The Service Yard

The Service Yard was reconstructed in 1999 and 2011 by master carpenter Geoff Lambousis. The Service yard contains two slave cabins and the Carriage House. One of the slave cabins would have been split in half. The first half would have been used for a slave family and the other would act as a stable.

Slave Quarters

The dog-trot Slave Cabin on the grounds of Bulloch Hall was reconstructed based on the recollections of Virginia Wing Power, her brother Tony (both former residents) and archaeological remains. Originally there were two such buildings on the property which were destroyed by fire in the early 20th century. The reconstruction of this slave cabin with its living quarters and exhibit, provides opportunities to explore and recognize the role of the African-American slaves in the history of Roswell.

Over the years the number of slaves owned by the Bulloch family varied. In the Cobb County census, James Stephens Bulloch is listed as owning 43 slaves. There is a plaque on the cabin honoring the 33 known names of slaves who worked and served on the property. We have learned their names from family letters and stories handed down through the years, and from the Roswell Presbyterian Church. This exhibit is dedicated to their legacy.

Demonstration Garden

​The Demonstration Garden was planned and maintained by the North Fulton Master Gardeners and changes seasonally.

The Summer House

​The Summer House is located at the front of the property next to the parking lot. This building is where family members would go to sit in the shade and escape the Summer heat. 

Orchard Hill


In September 2023, Friends of Bulloch, Inc. announced the completion of the pergola shown below which frames the entrance to Orchard Hill, a lengthy commitment to the Bulloch Hall property with a natural amphitheater, pond with a fountain and entertainment dock, gazebo, bridge, nature trails and more.

This perigola completes the project funded by numerous Magnolia Balls and a generous donation from the Abreu family to serve as a memorial of Peter Abreu who gave so much of his time and treasure to Bulloch Hall.

The permits and foundation for the pergola were a challenge, and once permission was granted, required tree removal, extensive preparation of the ground, pouring of concrete, stabilizing the pergola structure, and landscaping. We are greatly appreciative to A. D. Dalton for his dedication to bringing this project to fruition. A ribbon cutting will be held at some time in the future.

Blacksmith Shop

To our knowledge there was not a Blacksmith Shop on the Bulloch Hall property. An events area and storage space were needed that were located close to the Fireplace, Pavilion, and Osage Room & Memorial Terrace. It was built with 19th century post and beam construction methods.

Museum Room

The museum room at Bulloch Hall contains detailed information about the life of Mittie Bulloch, mother of President Theodore Roosevelt. It begins with the story of her family and their arrival in Roswell in 1838 and concludes with the visit to Bulloch Hall by her son President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905.

In this room you will find the family tree, information about the early settlement of Roswell, construction of the house, and facts about the Bulloch family. The story of Mittie’s marriage to Theodore Roosevelt in 1853, the divided sympathies of the family during the Civil War, and the involvement of the Bulloch brothers in the Confederate Navy are told.

Photographs of the Roosevelt family, memorabilia from the inauguration of President Theodore Roosevelt and his 1905 visit to Atlanta and Roswell are on display.

On April 19, 2007, Bulloch Hall was given the Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Award for exhibits from the Georgia Historical Society.

Wilma DuVal; Michael Hitt; Theodore Roosevelt Collection; Harvard College Library; Theodore Roosevelt Association, Clarice Martin; Roswell Historical Society/City of Roswell Research Library and Archives.

Children’s Museum Room

​The Children’s Museum room is available by appointment for an interactive experience designed for children ages 5 to 12. Panels depict the story of the Bulloch family, antebellum Roswell, and African American slaves, with the emphasis on the child’s point of view. Dress up antebellum clothing and hands on activities are available.

The Wells

​The Bulloch Hall property has two wells. One is located Behind the historic home and was used primarily for cooling dairy products. The main well is located near the front lawn. The Main Well was the primary water supply for the residents of the property.