The Bulloch Family

Mittie & Thee An 1853 Roosevelt  Romance by Connie M. Huddleston & Gwendolyn I. Koehler

Between the Wedding & the War  The Bulloch/Roosevelt Letters 1854-1860 by Gwendolyn I. Koehler & Connie M. Huddleston

Divided Only by Distance & Allegiance The Bulloch/Roosevelt Letters: 1861-1865 by Connie M. Huddleston & Gwendolyn I. Koehler

Bulloch Hall 1839, Gwen Koehler with assistance from Pam Billingsley, Connie Huddleston and Michael Hitt


The following books are in the private collection of Gwendolyn I. Koehler

The Bullochs of Baldernock 1591-2001 by Donald Bulloch

History and genealogy of the families of Bulloch and Stobo and of Irvine of Cults by Dr. J.G.B Bulloch

Bullochs in Scotland and America compiled by Brigadier Gavin Bulloch MBE



Major Butler’s Legacy, Five Generations of a Slaveholding Family by Malcolm Bell, Jr.

Dwelling Place, a Plantation Epic by Erskine Clarke

The Autobiography of Henry Merrell Industrial Missionary to the South Edited by James L. Skinner III

The First Hundred Years A Short History of Cobb County, In Georgia by Sarah Blackwell Gober Temple

Providence a Select Correspondence of Georgia Hull Camp Son of the North, Citizen of the South Edited by Connie M. Cox & Darlene M. Walsh


Civil War

The Children of Pride, a True Story of Georgia and the Civil War by Robert Manson Myers