Bulloch ​Family History>

The Bulloch family’s history is rich and interesting story that connects many historic people and families across the country. The Bulloch family’s story is one of risk, adventure, politics, wealth, war, gain, and loss. Here is just a taste of the story that sparks the imagination. For the full story, come visit us at Bulloch Hall.

The Bulloch Family descends from James Bulloch of Baldernock, Scotland, who arrived in this country in 1729, and from Archibald Bulloch, Georgia’s first Governor. 

Bulloch Hall was constructed for James Stephens Bulloch and his wife Martha Stewart Elliott Bulloch when they moved from Savannah, a coastal Georgia town, to Roswell. Major Bulloch was a stockholder in the Roswell Manufacturing Company owned by Roswell King, founder of the town of Roswell.

The Bullochs had four children from previous marriages and had four children together: Anna, Mittie, Charles & Irvine. Major Bulloch died of a heart attack in 1849 while teaching a Bible class at the Presbyterian Church. His untimely death left Mrs. Bulloch to raise their family alone and maintain Bulloch Hall.

Mittie, their second daughter, began a romance with Theodore Roosevelt (Thee) while visiting her sister in Philadelphia. Theodore, the New York native fell in love and proposed to Mittie who was the epitome of a Southern belle. They planned their wedding through letters sent between Roswell and New York. On December 22nd, 1853, Mittie and Thee were married in the Dining room of Bulloch Hall. They had four children. One of their children, Theodore Roosevelt – called Teedie in his youth – became the 26th President of the United States. Mittie is also the grandmother of Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady from 1933-1945.